How Kartra has helped my business make more money.

For the past week, I rebuilt my entire website and moved it from WordPress over to Kartra. Several entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants have asked me about Kartra. Instead of repeating myself over and over again, I have written a comprehensive post that you may find helpful.

But first, I’d like to explain what Kartra is (or click here to learn more).

Kartra is a marketing software that helps people who do business online, manage their online channels better. This includes lead-generation, marketing, opt-in pages as well as marketing automations. To give you more in-depth features, Kartra includes:

– Product or Service (with tiered pricing). This is perfect for books, digital courses, online training, lead generation or anything in which a customer would buy online and receive a digital product or service in return.

– Email Service Provider (with lists, broadcasts, sequences, tags & categories). If you compare it to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, you’ll easily find Kartra to be as powerful as those separate softwares.

– Marketing Funnel pages (and many pre-made options). A funnel page is essentially a webpage that allows your client/customer to read more information and make a purchasing decision. You can set up several sequences (Homepage > About page > Learn More > Buy Now) and guide your customer to move through your experience.

– Optin forms (no limit). If you have a free newsletter, a free lead magnet, or want to collect emails, you can create as many forms as you like and capture as much or as little information. You can collect email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, business titles etc.

– Membership sites (no limit). If you have a private and paid membership area that includes video trainings, online exercises, downloads or something similar, you can set up as many private membership areas as you like. The membership area is fully integrated and native, so you can set it up to talk to your funnels, opt-ins and paid checkout forms.

– Video hosting (kinda limited) It comes with some space, but the beauty of this is that you can also keep track of how much your customer is watching the video. You can then tell the system to send a specific email sequence if they watch 50% of it or tell the system to do something else.

– Calendar scheduling with integration to Google Calendars. This is 100% new! Imagine if your automated email invites a customer to speak with you. They click on a button that opens up your Kartra calendar. When the meeting is scheduled, you can tell Kartra to send the client a new email sequence or tag them specifically. This allows your “funnel” to become more complex and robust.

– Helpdesk with email support, chat bot and phone number integration. Often times people pay extra for ZenDesk, Hubspot or other softwares. But Kartra comes with it’s own version.. and ask you guessed, it’s included in the monthly price!

– Premade campaigns including Frank Kern’s famous book funnel. This automated sequence is very powerful and has helped Frank generate millions, if not billions, in revenue. You can get this for free!

I am a 2x technical founder & business consultant who has managed engineers, built teams and and do UI/UX/Dev for building websites, apps and platforms from scratch for 2 decades. I used to do all of the above from scratch, costing me millions in dollars and years in development.

OK.. now for the details.

1) The Price. Kartra currently costs me $90/mo for all features listed above. This can be quite attractive compared to $300+/mo at ClickFunnels. The pricing is a bit hard to find on the Kartra website, but you can see the breakdown here:

2) The Benefits. Kartra’s features & systems are all 100% native within the platform, so everything can integrate nicely and cleanly. My leads are automatically filtered, tagged and categorized. If a user does X, I can tell the system to “tag, categorize and send them this specific email”

Then, I say “If the User opens it within X days, send them this sequence. If they don’t open it, do that instead”

The sequences are inside Kartra, so I just have to tell it what to do. You can also tag your leads based on how much of a video they watch or how far down a page they scroll!

2b) The Integrations I no longer have to install or integrate 3rd party softwares to make it to what I want it to do. Plus, it’s part of my $90/mo package. No brainer there.

3) The Memberships My membership and courses sections are much cleaner. I believe Brankica Nika Underwood said “It’s 100% better than CF and there’s no down time”

4) One Giant Funnel You can build your entire website using Kartra. It is super powerful and if you look at my website ( – the entire website is one giant funnel. There are no external integrations and it is just “ALL THERE IN ONE PLACE” including hosting.

5) Responsiveness. The pages are all 100% responsive for browser, iPad and mobile too, so that’s nice.

6) Helpdesk. It comes with a native chat feature, support ticketing system and you can include your phone number too

7) Fast Setup You can build your entire website and funnels and emails and membership areas in as fast as 2 days.

8) Premade Options You can BUY pre-made funnels + sequences + setups that will shave months off your development time. Click here to learn more about the premade options.

9) Addition Services The only extra thing I pay for is Vimeo, GoDaddy and the Stripe/Paypal transactions.

10) Curious? If you decide to sign up for Kartra, please use this affiliate link: and I will do my best to help you.

Lastly, I want to be clear that this post is not a paid endorsement. I’m just a huge supporter for amazing software. I am a 2x technical founder & business consultant who has managed engineers, built teams and and do UI/UX/Dev for building websites, apps and platforms from scratch for 2 decades. I used to do all of the above from scratch, costing me millions in dollars and years in development.

Never again will I build software from scratch. Additionally, I have designed, built and launched several WordPress sites. The main thing reason I dislike WordPress is that you have to integrate plugins, pay for extra services and deal with hassling updates/upgrades.

To me, Kartra is just easier by far. It is an affordable option. More powerful than multiple softwares combined and can save you time, money and headaches.

If you have any questions about this post, please let me know. I am happy to help and guide you.

Author: Sonya is a former tech-founder, entrepreneur, brand strategist and business coach, helping businesses and entrepreneurs craft extraordinary brands out of ordinary chaos. Her favorite topics are brand strategies, user-experience, digital marketing, emotional intelligence, authenticity and how to use storytelling to create momentum. Connect with her on LinkedinFacebook or Schedule a call here.