3 Ways Empathy Can Help Your Business Grow

Do you use empathy in your business?

Here are out 3 ways empathy will help your business grow.

No, it is not voo-doo nonsense and it’s not a scheme. It really is a matter of shifting your perspective and understanding your customer. Often times, I see entrepreneurs get caught up in their own ideas and miss the mark with their customers.

Here’s how you can use empathy to help grow your business.

1) Look at your business through the lens of your customer, not yours.

Using empathy to look at a problem from your customers’ point of view can actually help YOU get closer to helping them and addressing their problem. Often times it’s easy to get sucked into looking at it from YOUR BUSINESS perspective. But it’s important to always get feedback and really challenge yourself to look at from THEIR viewpoint. Why? Because you need to understand the psychology of your customer and truly provide something that can get them results.

2) Talk to your customers with empathy and kindness.

When you put too much emphasis on OUR service, OUR product and neglect the actual needs of the customer, it can actually hinder you from growing. The fastest way to create a successful product/service/offering is to talk to your customers consistently and frequently. Ask them what they need help with. Ask them what worked. As them how you can help them. Just because your customers are quiet does NOT mean it’s because they’re not a good match. It means they don’t know how you can help them because you don’t understand each other. So let’s find out by having a conversation and inviting them to tell you what they need.

3) Truly be of service to your customers

After you’ve done 1+2, assuming you’ve had real conversations with real customers, those people will get a really good sense of whether you’re out for PROFITS $$$$ or really want to help them. You want to follow through on what you can help them with a be of service to them. It’s not about the quick sale, but rather helping them achieve results. If you’ve done a great job being empathetic (seeing things from their POV) and delivered on results, chances are they will see you as being an authority in your space that is both helpful and consistent.Do you know how loyalty is created? It is created by being helpful and consistent.

So, if you apply 1+2+3, then I surely guarantee that you will get paid loyalty dividends in the form of referrals.

Word of Mouth Referrals = MONEY!

Have you ever thought about how empathy can help your business?

Author: Sonya is a former tech-founder, entrepreneur, brand strategist and business coach, helping businesses and entrepreneurs craft extraordinary brands out of ordinary chaos. Her favorite topics are brand strategies, user-experience, digital marketing, emotional intelligence, authenticity and how to use storytelling to create momentum. Connect with her on LinkedinFacebook or Schedule a call here.